I was born and raised in Paraguay, Asuncion and grew up in a Korean household. Raised by my grandmother, I spent most of my time in the kitchen. My fondest memories was peeling garlic with a butter knife at the age of 5. I was exposed to two different cultures and foods, South American and Korean. My grandfather owned a little deli at The Mercado Municipal 4 Market, where he sold fresh slices of cured meats and cheeses. He used to pick me up and weigh me on the meat scale. I often remember digging into some Empanadas from a cart vendor or having a plate of Fideo Con Pollo from a near by stand at the market. At home, we very much ate traditional Korean dishes that my grandmother would spend day and night preparing. I often told my grandmother she should open up a restaurant. Her response was always, then who would feed you? Little did I know then, the fundamentals of cooking, entertaining, and lessons my grandmother taught me would propel me to where I am today. The time, preparation, skills, presentation, and of course flavor. Growing up with my grandparents was always quite an excitement. From lavish dinner parties, to Sunday's grilling up endless amounts of carne asada with a side of kimchi for family and friends.

As a teenager, my family moved to Koreatown in Los Angeles, a melting pot of diversity, cultures, and a vast array of culinary fares. It was quite different from the country side of Asuncion. There was just so much food and excitement. I was always a foodie from the beginning. And just watching how the food scene has changed and progressed over more than 2 decades in LA has been quite entertaining and educational. 

I attended Le Cordon Bleu Culinary Arts Los Angeles, where I expanded my knowledge of food, cooking, fine tuned my technics, and skills. I worked in different restaurants as a server, host, and manager to pay my way through culinary school. I went on to finish my internship at Waterloo & City under renowned Chef Branden Collins, where I was also given residency upon graduation. Working in restaurants was brutal, working 12 hour days, 6 days a week. Prepping during the day and minutes on the clock before the first hurdle of happy hour hungry folks arrived. On some mornings I would go in at 5 am and roll out pasta till noon and then make start my prep list for dinner service. But I was happy, because I was with people who shared the same passions and pursuits of quality, flavor, and beautiful food.

All of my experiences from childhood till now has brought me to where I am today. The knowledge and skills I learned from my grandmother, culinary school, and restaurants, from serving, to running the front of the house, to working in the kitchen has given me the perspective and overall look of what it takes for a successful event. And that's what I do for my clients. Focusing on dinner parties and events, I put together a special evening for you and your guests. From menu planning, to rentals, to staffing, as casual, or as elaborate as you want to make it. I bring the same motto, determination, and mentality to my cooking and my service, that I learned from all of my experiences.

As a private chef, I have worked for a range of high profiled clients including celebrity actors, entertainers, and CEOs through out Los Angeles. Focusing extensively with my clients to tailor fit a menu that caters to their needs. With organic ingredients, from gluten free, vegan, pescetarian, ethnic, to American, I can customize and create something special for you and your guests. I pride myself on drawing from my diverse training and experience to create unique, bold flavors, while still maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

                                                                                                 Thank you,

-Chef Injae

Clients include:

Katheleen Kennedy/Film Producer

Frank Marshall/Film Producer

Miky Lee/Film Producer

Amy Schumer/Comedian/Actress

Reid Carolin/Film Producer/Writer

Ruddy Rodriguez/Actress/Film Producer

Travis Kalanick /Founder of Scour, Red Swoosh, and Uber

Perry & Etty Lau Farrell/Musicians

J Balvin/Musician

Vincent Kompany/Soccer Player/Captain, Manchester City, Belgium National Team

Samir Nasri/Soccer Player/Attacking Midfielder, Manchester City, France National Team

Ilkay Gundogan/Soccer Player/ Midfielder, Manchester City, Germany National Team